Remember Mark Andrews

Remembering Mark Andrews, author of Back To The Land articles.


Mark Andrews setting up a compost bin. Photo by Paul Hunt

Southland agricultural history expert and author of the Back To The Land book now being published on this website died in a San Fernando Valley Hospital after a short illness back in July, 2017.   Mark was one of the healthiest individuals you could ever meet, eating fresh natural foods. His medical situation was a shock to many, and a fast moving cancer was the direct cause. He was only 47 years old.  Where this came from is not known, but there have been numerous poisoned water systems in the San Fernando Valley and Burbank area, including water contaminated by Lockheed during WW2 and their operation of the so-called Skunk Works.  A superfund clean-up led to the expose that the City of Burbank had surreptitiously been dumping dangerous chemicals back into the water supply so they didn’t have to pay to haul them away.  We also remember the two atomic reactor “accidents” in Simi Valley which blew radiation everywhere, causing cancer.

Mr. Andrews has spent years researching the history of agriculture and seeking a solution to the ongoing misery of the human condition in packed urban areas.  It is well known that the elites who run the world now control most of the huge expanses of mechanized farmland, pushing out small farms.  This, combined with GMO seeds, has led to thousands of deaths (maybe more) as the food supply is contaminated and humans consume what could be a deadly consequence to their health and well being.

Mr. Andrews book is free to read on this website at the moment.  It will open your eyes to the possibility of an alternative existence, but first you must learn the history of mega farming, and how mega chemical companies have operated.  Mr. Andrews is a true hero and leader of the movement to go back to the land and grow fresh food.

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