What is Biodynamic Farming?

Biodynamic Farming:  Isn’t It A Lot Of Extra Work?

by Pauline Antonakos

Biodynamic proponent Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O., who is dedicated to helping more than 10 million monthly readers improve their health and wellness, demands Biodynamic nutricuticals for his compoundings. The foods and natural medicines he recommends are Biodynamic, because a Biodynamic plant is healthier, more nutritious, and more sustainable with a longer shelf life than an ordinary organic plant. The wines are pure, never sulphated, and delicious biodynamic ghee from New Zealand can even be bought at Costco. Remember, you are what you eat! Hippocrates suggested, “Let they food be thy medicine,” and Mercola advises that we let that food be Biodynamic. (Mercola Fights for Regenerative Agriculture by Supporting Biodynamic Farmers – Regeneration International)

Sayer Ji, Editor in Chief of www.GreenMedInfo.com and author of the book Regenerate; unlocking your body’s radical resilience through the new biology, proclaimed in a 2014 article, “Sustainable, biodynamic agriculture is the real solution!” (to the GMO problem) https://greenmedinfo.com/blog/can-gmos-help-feed-world

Biodynamic Farming is a soil-first, regenerative practice which partners with nature. The farm is self-sustaining and self-contained, using livestock, plant diversity and crop rotation. Low-till or no-till methods combine with rejecting synthetics, herbicides, fertilizers, GMOs, and hormones. This approach naturally pulls carbon and nitrogen into the ground, and represents a balanced and diverse ecosystem that feeds the soil to feed us. To qualify as biodynamic, the farm must produce all its own manure for compost and at least half of all the feed for the animals. Cover crops feed the soil and also feed the animals. Before you start to worry, rest assured that you are considered Biodynamic on a small suburban lot if you simply reject all the synthetics, herbicides, fertilizers, GMOs, and hormones and make biodynamic compost and add biodynamic preps into your soil husbandry. Also, you’ll want to source the most organic animal manure you can. And, perhaps you’ll have room for some chickens!

Answer: Biodynamic Farming is not more trouble when you realize all the benefits; however, the methods differ from those of traditional farming to obtain incomparable results.

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