Adam Purple, Creator of NY Garden of Eden, Dead at 84

Brilliant Environmentalist and Urban Farmer –

NY City Destroyed the Garden of Eden

NY Garden of Eden

Adam Purple passed last week in NY City.  He was a famous environmentalist and urban farmer who created a fantastic garden in the middle of an abandoned area of New York.  It lasted for years, until the greedy NY politicians seized the land and tore up the garden, which had become a tremendous community asset, both for the food it produced and for the restful place that folks could gather around.

Watch the short documentary below:

Adam Purple and The Garden of Eden from Harvey Wang on Vimeo.

Here’s another video of Adam Purple speaking at the opening of the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space in 2012.

RIP to New York’s controversial recycler and gardener, Adam Purple, creator of the Garden of Eden in NY.


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