Kevin West at Skylight Books

How To “Put Up” Food – Or as Kevin West says: Saving The Season

by Paul Hart

kevin-west02Kevin West was at Skylight Books recently showing off his thick new book on how to home can, pickle, and preserve all that great food you are growing in your garden.   Kevin has a certificate as a master on the subject, as well as a knack for saving those apricots in mason jars, knowledge that came from watching his family in Eastern Tennessee as he was growing up.  His book is not just some technical “how to”, it is a journey that begins with his childhood, watching the grandparents at work “putting up” food for leaner times.  You can still get signed copies of this sumptuous book at Skylight Books in Hollywood, or order online at www.Skylight

Now sit back and watch the video presentation as Kevin reads important passages from his new book and takes questions from a lively audience.

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