How To Be A Smart Organic Farmer

Work Smarter, Make a Profit

by Paul Hart, Staff Writer

cache_2546356004Having farmed himself fulltime for the last 35 years, Richard Wiswall knows the joys, frustrations, and the ins and outs of running a farm business. He speaks farming. Richard is happy to share his experience and knowledge to other farmers through individual farm consulting, in addition to his workshops. Contact Richard to see if consulting with you is a good fit. If so, Richard will visit in person, or communicate via phone and email. Consulting sessions in person normally last 1-3 hours, and two to six sessions over a couple of months are all that is usually needed. Richard will give you homework each session, and ask some hard questions. But his goal is always the same- to help you realize your goals and become increasingly financially sustainable.

The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook by Richard Wiswall. 

There are loads of books and resources on how to produce organic crops- what varieties to plant, their nutrient needs, and cultural tips for success. But production techniques rarely limit a farm’s success: rather it is the lack ofdependable profitable returns.

Farmers enjoy their work for lots of reasons: sowing seeds, working the soil, marveling at the plants that grow. Fundamental satisfaction comes from producing food, working outdoors, being one’s own boss, and working intimately with nature. But farmers often have an allergic reaction to the business end of farming and take a head-in-the-sand approach to finances. The farming and business worlds will eventually collide, and farmers are often uninformed of the business concepts and tools that are needed to navigate forward effectively and profitably.

Richard wrote The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook to help farmers become financially sustainable. In an easy to read style, Richard’s book is packed with incredibly useful information that is hard to find elsewhere.


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