Huge Crowds Jam Natural Products Show

Folks World-Wide Want Healthy Natural Foods and Products

GMO Foods are Being Rejected by Global Audience

by Paul Hart, Staff Writer

Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim Convention Center

Huge crowds jammed into the massive Anaheim Convention Center for the big Natural Products Expo West show that took place on March 9-13, 2016.  Make no mistake about one thing, the energy that folks had for natural products is running at a fever pitch.  The Yard Eats crew met folks from many different lands, and we were pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm they all had for healthy food and products.

Thousands Packed the Center

Thousands Packed the Center

And let’s be really clear about one thing:  Monsanto and GMO are being rejected, despite the millions and millions of dollars they have poured into brainwashing people.  There is still danger, though.  The “genetic modifiers” and their ilk continue to push for secret trade deals and other sneaky ways to push their satanic seeds on an unsuspecting population.  And boy, do they hate labels of any kind.  They don’t want you to know what’s in the package.  Compare that philosophy with all the thousands of great vendors at the Natural Products show, who are totally transparent about their products.  They want you to know that their foods are organic, that their products are non-GMO and safe to use.  Growers from around the world are uniting against the megalithic corporations and the seed patent nazis, who dream of controlling the world’s food supply.  We are very heartened by the over-whelming rejection of this behavior, and the positive attitude of the great vendors at the show.


Organic growers, packagers, distributors, and retail outlets have joined together to bring health and happiness to the world’s population.


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