Free Listings – Books, Garden, Food Stuff You Have For Sale

List Your Food Gardening Books, Pamphlets, Implements, Stuff, Here For Free.

If you have books or items related to growing food that you no longer need or a neat item that you make, list them here for free.  Follow these guidlines:

1. Please describe the item as fully as possible.

2. Send ONE digital photo if you have one. You can send it as an attachment.

3 Put a price on it.  Try to put a reasonable shipping cost.  This is not ebay, you don’t have to jack up the price of shipping to cover the sales price.

4. Put your email address where someone could contact you about this.

5. Send this to us as an email to:

6. We will post your item for 30 days or more.  Let us know when it sells so that we can remove the item from the list.

7. We reserve the right to reject or edit any listing for any reason.  We publish listings as a service to our bloggers, we do not take a commission or have any participation in the sale.  Buyers and Sellers must get together and agree on terms, payment,  price and shipping costs, etc.

8.  Thanks!  And good luck.  Just the other day someone emailed us with some really rare pamphlets on growing food during World War 2, which we purchased and plan to share with you all for free on the website.

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