Food Liberty Proclaimed By Farmers/Consumers.

Farmers Guild Begins Food Freedom Movement

by Julie Webster, Staff Writer

This Independence Day, join us to celebrate food liberty in America. In just the past few decades, citizens across our nation have awoken to rapidly diminishing choice in the food we eat, as well as our freedom to determine how it’s grown, raised, and brought to our plates. Eaters of a generation ago will attest to the progress we’ve made and yet, despite this newfound consumer empowerment, our nation will only achieve true food liberty when those who grow our food can also join us in this declaration of independence. 

To bridge a divide between the lofty ideals and loftier expectations of this new generation of eaters, farmers of every scale, background and type must voice the very real obstacles they face and what must exist for them to freely meet these expectations while responsibly acting upon their own values. 

From market fluctuations to complex regulation, from the rising price of land to onerous corporate contracts that can make indentured servants of our growers, the principles of even the most virtuous farmers often collide with the constraints of our modern food system, economy and culture. For us as consumers to choose freely, so too must our farmers; only together as one can we declare liberty. 

What does freedom mean to you? Please join us at The Farmers Guild in taking a stand for empowering farmers by simply completing the phrase “Free farmers…” however you see fit. Speak to the eaters, to the policy-makers, to chefs, and to the young or aspiring farmers and ranchers of this country. Tell them not only what freedom means to you but what it will take to achieve it. 

For further information: Click Here to visit the Farmers Guild website.

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