Study Claims Cities Running Out of Room

Poor and Middle Class Being Pushed Out of Big Cities.


A recent report claims that America’s big cities have run out of room,  has dire effect for the poor and middle class Americans.  In addition to a lack of space, the existing space is subject to very high rents, where only the rich can afford to live.  All over the country, density in the large cities is increasing at an alarming rate.  Even older apartments are being torn down to be replaced by even larger, more expensive units.

With all this, it is time to give serious attention to alternatives for the middle class and the bulging homeless population, now living on the streets of large cities.  Here’s two such options that need urgent discussion:

  1.  Author Mark Andrew’s new book on the Back To The Land movement (BTTL).  YardEats is publishing parts of his book in an exclusive arrangement.  Mr. Andrews says that with modern communications and technology, it is now feasible to shift the population from over-crowded cities to small rural farming communities, using the newly discovered methods of Natural Farming.
  2. Another new movement seeks to build “floating cities” out in the world’s oceans.  With modern technology, small communities can “float” and survive on the sea, allowing incredible new political freedom and diversity.  This social movement is  now being tested  Check out The Seasteading Institute at for more information on this new movement, which is now building prototype floating cities.

Articles on the cities running out of room:   Info Wars, click here.    and also at Real Clear Markets, click here.

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