Back To The Land Book 1 – Table of Contents

Here is a Teaser of What is in Book 1 of

Mark Andrews’ Controversial

“Back To The Land” Manuscript

Table of Contents

Book 1

The Real Human-Made Garden-of-Eden, The Origins of the State, and The Way Out of the Pitfall of Humanity: How the Selectively Cultivated Edible Jungle Was Lost in Pre-History and Antiquity

Chapter One: Introduction to An Anthropological Analysis of Natural Farming. Page 1.

Chapter Two: Natural Farming and the Question of Deep Agricultural Antiquity. Page 20.

Chapter Three: Mark Nathan Cohen’s Thesis of Overpopulation in the Mesolithic Age and the Origins of Agriculture. Page 39.

Chapter Four: David R. Harris’ Thesis of Agricultural Types Determined by Precipitation Levels. Page 53.

Chapter Five: The Spread of Civilization and the Elusiveness of Natural Farming. Page 75.

Chapter Six: Natural Farming and the Question of Civilization. Page 100.

Chapter Seven: Natural Farming and the Possible Influence of Extraterrestrials. Page 118.

Chapter Eight: Natural Farming: The Only Mode-of-Production Worthy of Civilization. Page 143.

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