2017 Natural Products Expo West

The Big Show Coming to Anaheim

Education & Events
March 8-12, 2017

Trade Show
March 9-11, 2017 | Anaheim Hilton & Marriott
March 10-12, 2017 | Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim, CA, USA

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Huge Crowds Jam Natural Products Show

Folks World-Wide Want Healthy Natural Foods and Products

GMO Foods are Being Rejected by Global Audience

by Paul Hart, Staff Writer

Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim Convention Center

Huge crowds jammed into the massive Anaheim Convention Center for the big Natural Products Expo West show that took place on March 9-13, 2016.  Make no mistake about one thing, the energy that folks had for natural products is running at a fever pitch.  The Yard Eats crew met folks from many different lands, and we were pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm they all had for healthy food and products.

Thousands Packed the Center

Thousands Packed the Center

And let’s be really clear about one thing:  Monsanto and GMO are being rejected, despite the millions and millions of dollars they have poured into brainwashing people.  There is still danger, though.  The “genetic modifiers” and their ilk continue to push for secret trade deals and other sneaky ways to push their satanic seeds on an unsuspecting population.  And boy, do they hate labels of any kind.  They don’t want you to know what’s in the package.  Compare that philosophy with all the thousands of great vendors at the Natural Products show, who are totally transparent about their products.  They want you to know that their foods are organic, that their products are non-GMO and safe to use.  Growers from around the world are uniting against the megalithic corporations and the seed patent nazis, who dream of controlling the world’s food supply.  We are very heartened by the over-whelming rejection of this behavior, and the positive attitude of the great vendors at the show.


Organic growers, packagers, distributors, and retail outlets have joined together to bring health and happiness to the world’s population.


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Natural Products Expo West: Fabulous Event

World’s Great Showcase for Healthy Living

Here’s Some Photos of Both New and Familiar Products:

Photos by Staff Writer Julie Webster

Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim Convention Center


Everyone Likes Peanut Butter


Perky Jerky

Perky Jerky

Mr. Yard Eats getting interviews

Mr. Yard Eats getting interviews

Fresh non-GMO everywhere!

Fresh non-GMO everywhere!


Even the outfits were fresh!


Even hemp chlothes

Even hemp chlothes


The San Fernando Valley's Great Restaurant was serving up good food

The San Fernando Valley’s Great Restaurant was serving up good food









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How To Be A Smart Organic Farmer

Work Smarter, Make a Profit

by Paul Hart, Staff Writer

cache_2546356004Having farmed himself fulltime for the last 35 years, Richard Wiswall knows the joys, frustrations, and the ins and outs of running a farm business. He speaks farming. Richard is happy to share his experience and knowledge to other farmers through individual farm consulting, in addition to his workshops. Contact Richard to see if consulting with you is a good fit. If so, Richard will visit in person, or communicate via phone and email. Consulting sessions in person normally last 1-3 hours, and two to six sessions over a couple of months are all that is usually needed. Richard will give you homework each session, and ask some hard questions. But his goal is always the same- to help you realize your goals and become increasingly financially sustainable.

The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook by Richard Wiswall. 

There are loads of books and resources on how to produce organic crops- what varieties to plant, their nutrient needs, and cultural tips for success. But production techniques rarely limit a farm’s success: rather it is the lack ofdependable profitable returns.

Farmers enjoy their work for lots of reasons: sowing seeds, working the soil, marveling at the plants that grow. Fundamental satisfaction comes from producing food, working outdoors, being one’s own boss, and working intimately with nature. But farmers often have an allergic reaction to the business end of farming and take a head-in-the-sand approach to finances. The farming and business worlds will eventually collide, and farmers are often uninformed of the business concepts and tools that are needed to navigate forward effectively and profitably.

Richard wrote The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook to help farmers become financially sustainable. In an easy to read style, Richard’s book is packed with incredibly useful information that is hard to find elsewhere.


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Natural Products Expo West Coming to Anaheim

Over 70,000 Expected To Attend

ew16-logo-lgNatural Products Expo West 2016 Flash Facts: Trends, Themes & Growth Natural Products Expo West/Engredea, produced by New Hope Natural Media, will be held March 9th-13th at the Anaheim Convention Center. Projected to be the largest in its 36-year history, the sold out trade-only event will play host to more than 3,000 companies and 70,000 attendees. The natural products industry is experiencing growth of 9% per year, driven in part by new and emerging brands. This year, the number of entrepreneurial exhibitors will hit 600, including a full 400 brands that will be featured at the Anaheim Hilton, a must visit area to see the newest products. Get Social & Mobile App: Exhibitors and attendees can follow @NatProductExpo on Instagram and Twitter or Facebook.com/NaturalProductsExpo for all the latest #ExpoWest buzz. The updated Natural Products Expo mobile app now features ActivLocator, a personal indoor GPS to help attendees quickly find their way, discover what’s around them and get more done. Also access schedule-planning tools, find new exhibits and surf digital product showcases. Education Highlights: The 2016 Education Conference will focus on: Making the Impossible Possible, Trust, Vitality, Fixing Food, The Changing Distribution Landscape, Stewardship, Better Business, Cultivating Organic, and The Changing Supplements Market. Featured keynote speakers will bring conference themes to life with the inspirational story of Erik Weihenmayer, adventurer and activist celebrated as the only blind person to climb Mount Everest; Sam Kass, former senior policy advisor for nutrition policy & executive director of Let’s Move!; and Dr. Martha Rogers, one of the leading authorities on building trust. New Product Trends: “Natural Products Expo West and Engredea continue to break records and are completely sold out for 2016, highlighting the rapid growth in organic and natural products. From the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace to the Hilton to the Anaheim Convention Center exhibit floor, this annual event maintains its status as the single most important opportunity for launching new products, spotting leading trends from all over the world, and as a gathering place for the entire industry” said Adam Andersen, managing director, New Hope Natural Media. [Go here] to view the trends and new products that New Hope’s content and research team will be tracking this year. About New Hope Natural Media New Hope Natural Media is the leading media resource and information provider for the natural, organic and healthy products industry with print, in-person/event, and ebusiness products and services.

YardEats.com hopes to have it’s team covering this event.  Stay tuned for the latest in food growing and related information.

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Queen of Mississippi Cuisine

Chef Regina Charboneau Discusses the Food Served Along America’s Greatest River

by Julie Webster, Staff Writer

Regina Charboneau

Regina Charboneau

Chef Regina Charboneau stopped in Hollywood recently to promote her new book “Mississippi Current”.  This incredible chef has had a fulfilling life owning restaurants in Alaska, San Francisco, and Natchez, Mississippi.  Check out the video below, as she discusses her life and talks about the food along the Mississippi river.

Click here to watch the video on youtube.

Click here to order her book “Mississippi Current” from Book Soup.


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Food Liberty Proclaimed By Farmers/Consumers.

Farmers Guild Begins Food Freedom Movement

by Julie Webster, Staff Writer

This Independence Day, join us to celebrate food liberty in America. In just the past few decades, citizens across our nation have awoken to rapidly diminishing choice in the food we eat, as well as our freedom to determine how it’s grown, raised, and brought to our plates. Eaters of a generation ago will attest to the progress we’ve made and yet, despite this newfound consumer empowerment, our nation will only achieve true food liberty when those who grow our food can also join us in this declaration of independence. 

To bridge a divide between the lofty ideals and loftier expectations of this new generation of eaters, farmers of every scale, background and type must voice the very real obstacles they face and what must exist for them to freely meet these expectations while responsibly acting upon their own values. 

From market fluctuations to complex regulation, from the rising price of land to onerous corporate contracts that can make indentured servants of our growers, the principles of even the most virtuous farmers often collide with the constraints of our modern food system, economy and culture. For us as consumers to choose freely, so too must our farmers; only together as one can we declare liberty. 

What does freedom mean to you? Please join us at The Farmers Guild in taking a stand for empowering farmers by simply completing the phrase “Free farmers…” however you see fit. Speak to the eaters, to the policy-makers, to chefs, and to the young or aspiring farmers and ranchers of this country. Tell them not only what freedom means to you but what it will take to achieve it. 

For further information: Click Here to visit the Farmers Guild website.

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Woman, Kids, Live As Nomads in Forest

 Marjory Wildcraft Interviews “Primitive” Woman

Margory Wildcraft has a lot of really cool videos on youtube.  She is also a published author with some great books on growing your own food.

Go to youtube and search for Marjory Wildcraft to see her videos.

Click Here to watch the interview with the nomadic woman, or watch embedded version below.

Marjory Wildcraft’s website: www.growyourowngroceries.com

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Industrial Agriculture Has Reached Its Peak

Scientists Say Time To Return To Small Farming

From www.the watchers.adorraeli.com

mono1The era of large-scale monoculture, with all of its toxic pesticides and untested genetically modified organisms (GMOs), could finally be coming to an end. Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) discovered recently that yield expansion rates for most major industrial food crops are plateauing or even declining in many areas of the world, a fact that further supports the case for a return to small-scale, diversified agriculture grown organically.

Published in a recent issue of the journal Nature Communications, these and other findings, including updated projections on future crop yields, help obliterate the myth that modern, industrial methods of food production (e.g., transgenic modification, pesticide use and single-crop cultivation) have led to dramatic advancements in agriculture, when it has actually accomplished quite the opposite.

According to the data, as much as 31 percent of the global supply of rice, wheat and corn has reached a yield plateau. This means that, no matter how much further crop scientists try to tinker with our food plants, the resulting yield will not be any higher than it was prior. Further, a considerable percentage of these same crops are actually producing higher yields at a decreasing rate, which suggests that the system is ultimately failing.

“The declines and plateaus in production have become prevalent despite increasing investment in agriculture, which could mean that maximum potential yields under the industrial model of agribusiness have already occurred,” writes Nafeez Ahmed for The Guardian. “Crop yields in ‘major cereal-producing regions have not increased for long periods of time following an earlier period of steady linear increase.'”

Continue reading

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By Julie Webster Jan 1, 2013

stop fracking

          Holes in the ground            
What can be found? 
What’s pulled out?
What’s this all about? 
To get from the earth, what they need
They lie to the farmers, because of their greed.
They tell them it’s safe, when it’s really not 
They want their gas, and they say there’s a lot.  
Farmers get forced to join in the plan
How would they know that it’s bad for their land?
If they resist they’ll loose their farm.
They already lost a leg and an arm. 
They poison the land, help…STOP! 
Easier for all ?…I think NOT!  
It’s bad for the water, bad for the cows,
It’s bad for the crops, in spite of their vows.
People getting sick wherever they frack 
Towns go away and never come back
They tell big companies, they want them to go
But the farmers are poor and they need the dough.
Such a sad state of affairs
Has turned into big, yes, giant, nightmares.
If farmers sue, well…lots of luck!
The companys won’t pay, they’ll only duck. 
Help the farmers, like they should?
What a dream, if only they would.
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